Pass Point Training Ltd offer “Regulated and Accredited” first aid training qualifications.

We deliver Ofqual accredited First Aid training courses, ensuring the Due Diligence required by you is largely reduced as it is already being practiced and is continuously in place, and our Procedures, Policies, Trainers, Standards and Protocols are subject to regular review by both Internal Quality Assurance procedures and unannounced External Quality Assurance reviews by the Awarding Organisation. Additionally, each one of our training team is approved prior to the commencement of training, meaning you can always rest assured that the training your company will receive is fully authorised, in line with the most up to date recent HSE advice and above all is being delivered by a suitably qualified instructor.

First Aid HSE Changes – Effective from 1st October 2013

As of 1 October 2013, the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 have been amended, removing the requirement for HSE to approve first aid training and qualifications.

HSE approval of first aid training and qualifications has now ceased.

For training providers that were approved by HSE, regardless of the date of expiry that appears on their approval certificate, their approval to undertake first training will expire and will no longer be valid.

What this means for your company

Ultimately, you now have a greater responsibility to ensure the training provider you choose is authorised, accredited but above all the trainer is fully qualified to teach in their subject area. It is no longer presumed that if a company has HSE Approval, this is acceptable. HSE Approval no longer exists for any first aid training organisations.

Choosing a Training Provider

You now have 3 options to consider when choosing a First Aid Training provider. You can choose a provider who:

  • Offer Regulated First Aid Qualifications (e.g. Ofqual)
  • Operate Under Voluntary Accreditation Schemes
  • Operate Independently of any Accreditation Schemes (non-accredited or regulated)

Your Responsibilities – Due Diligence

As an employer, if you choose to take First Aid Training from a company or individual who is NOT offering Regulated Qualifications, you have a duty of care to conduct further Due Diligence (Reasonable Investigation) to ensure they are suitably qualified to teach their subject. This includes around 14 separate investigation points in the form of a check list, which can be found on the HSE website, or by clicking here. You will need to investigate each section, including their authorisation to conduct training (valid first aid certificates, valid teaching certificates), teaching standards, quality assurance procedures, documented policies and procedures, course syllabus etc.

For all non-accredited courses, Pass point Training has completed this checklist for you.

Choose Pass Point training for all of your first aid training requirements and on-site first aid training courses as well as first aid supplies.


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