Safeguarding vulnerable adults training is essential in all walks of life!

Here at pass point we offer Safeguarding vulnerable adults training to help individuals who work with adults and specifically vulnerable adults.

It is our right as human beings to live our life’s without being subject to harm or abuse. However sometimes, unfortunately this right is not always exercised and some adults are at risk making them vulnerable to abuse.

These vulnerable adults rely on us to ensure that they are kept safe and helped, especially in cases of neglect and abuse. The safeguarding vulnerable adults training provided by Pass point helps recognise the signs and to help the person who is suffering. If abuse and neglect is ignored this is not at all acceptable and the consequences can be devastating.

Safeguarding vulnerable adults training can help in many sectors including health and care organisation which would include respite centres, afternoon clubs, home carers, meal providers, social carers, doctors, hospitals, health centres, the NHS and many many more.

The course for safeguarding vulnerable adults training provides the attendees on the currently legislations relating to safeguarding and the correct process to help those in need. The process of the training course goes through how to recognise and identify issues, developing a safeguarding culture and creating safe environments for those in need. The course covers how to apply the current legislations in the correct way.

When completing safeguarding for vulnerable adults training there are a number of modules that will be covered during the course these include;

  • Understanding what is classed as abuse
  • Recognising what makes an adult vulnerable
  • Categorising abuse and abuse patterns
  • Current Legalisations
  • How to report abuse
  • Handling abuse
  • Whistle blowing
  • Role play scenarios

Safeguarding vulnerable adults training

The course is not just suitable for those paid to work in the sectors mentioned above, it is also recommended for any volunteers in these sectors and taking the safeguarding for vulnerable adults training can really help to make a difference to someone’s life.

We can offer the safeguarding vulnerable adults training across our centres but also at your own location which is great when a group form the same establishment want to complete the course.

We have a fantastic team and although this training course content can be rather upsetting and distressing the benefits of using what you learn can be so rewarding it is defiantly worth embarking on.

If you want to find out more then call us on 0845 0727 247 to speak to the team and we can answer any questions and book your place. Alternatively, you can book a place online here.